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Here is a list of Monuments available for sale at HobbyWonder

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Image Product ID Title Manufacturer Price
notredamecathedral,notre dame cathedral, 366 pieces, jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions by wrebbit puzz3d 04649 Notre Dame Cathedral Wrebbit 99.99
arcdetriomphe,arc de triomphe jigsaw puzzle, 3d mini, puzz3d, wrebbit, rare puzzle 56 pieces MINI-111 Arc de Triomphe Wrebbit 99.99
igloo-mini-puzz3d,3d mini puzzle of an igloo eskimo, wrebbit puzz3d, 55 pieces, eskimoigloo MINI-116 Igloo Wrebbit 99.99
3d-puzzle-arc-de-triomphe,arc de triomphe 3 d puzzle 3 dimensions difficult champs elysees jean chalgrin historic monument fra 01117 Arc de Triomphe Supertek 99.99
victorianmansion,victorian mansion, rare wrebbit jigsaw puzzle, 700 pieces P3D-907 Victorian Mansion Wrebbit 99.99
notredamedepariscathedral,notre dame cathedral of Paris replica model made out of match sticks puzzle design very difficult fu MATCH6636 Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral Matchitecture 99.99
theoldmansion,1876 victorian mansion in montreal, puzz3d by wrebbit, old mansion, montreal architecture P3D-7007 The Old Mansion Wrebbit 79.99
sydney-opera-house-puzz-3d,sydney opera house 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, sydney opra house puzle, 925 pieces, very difficult W3D-2006 Sydney Opera House Wrebbit 59.99
eiffeltowermatchstick,eiffeltower match stick 3d jigsawpuzzle matchitecture bjtoys microbeams glue tweezers included MATCH6611 Eiffel Tower Matchitecture 49.99
montrealcityhall,3d jigsaw puzzle of montreal's city hall, puzz3d by wrebbit P3D-501 Montreal City Hall Wrebbit 49.99
puzzle-pyramid-3d,3d jigsaw puzzle pyramid 6 inch puzzel showpiece collectable flexible hinged pieces 114627 Essence of Egypt Ravensburger 49.99
usalandmarkstripack,usa landmarks trip-pack, 3 in 1 jigsaw 3d puzzles, washington white house, golden gate bridge, empir 04558 USA Landmarks Tri-Pack Wrebbit 49.99
eiffeltowermini,mini 3d puzzle of eiffel tower, rare jigsaw puzz, wrebbit mini puzzle MINI-102 Eiffel Tower Wrebbit 49.99
leaningtowerofpisa,tower of pisa, mini puzzle, puzz-3d, tour de pise, 64 pieces, rare puzzle wrebbit MINI-108 Leaning Tower of Pisa Wrebbit 49.99
eiffel-tower-puzz3d,eiffel tower 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare foam puzzle, 816 pieces W3D-2009 Eiffel Tower Wrebbit 49.99
tajmahal-puzz3d,taj mahal 950 piece 3d puzzle, tajmahal wrebbit rare 3d jigsaw puzzle, very rare W3D-2001 Taj Mahal Wrebbit 49.99
big-ben-3d-with-book,big ben 3d puzzle with free book, united kingdom jigsaw puzzle of bigben clock and tower CFMC087H Big Ben with Book 3D Puzzle 39.99
capitol-of-the-us,capitol of the united states 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, rare puzz3d CF074H Capitol of the US 3D Puzzle 39.99
lighthouse-ravensburger-3d,3d jigsaw puzzle of a lighthouse by ravensburger 3D wrebbit is dead and ravens is taking over where 125555 Lighthouse Ravensburger 39.99
windmill-ravensburger-3d,3d jigsaw puzzle of a windmill by ravensburger 3D wrebbit is dead and ravens is taking over where th 125631 Windmill Ravensburger 39.99
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