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Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale at HobbyWonder

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Image Product ID Title Manufacturer Price
discovery-space-shuttle-mini-3d,discovery space shuttle 3d wrebbit mini puzzle,puzz3d, jigsaw puzz MINI-123 Discovery Space Shuttle Wrebbit 99.99
camelot,camelot 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare jigsaw puzzle, king arthur's castle P3D-906 Camelot Wrebbit 99.99
3d-puzzle-arc-de-triomphe,arc de triomphe 3 d puzzle 3 dimensions difficult champs elysees jean chalgrin historic monument fra 01117 Arc de Triomphe Supertek 99.99
mickeyshouse,mickey's house 3d jigsaw puzzle, disneyland's mickey mouse house, rare puzz3d P3D-155 Mickey's House - Toontown Disneyland Wrebbit 99.99
victorianmansion,victorian mansion, rare wrebbit jigsaw puzzle, 700 pieces P3D-907 Victorian Mansion Wrebbit 99.99
spitfire,puzz3d supermarine spitfire, over 2 feet long three dimensional puzzle, wrebbit puzzles, 735 pieces, 04802 Spitfire Wrebbit 99.99
notredamedepariscathedral,notre dame cathedral of Paris replica model made out of match sticks puzzle design very difficult fu MATCH6636 Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral Matchitecture 99.99
reversiblecar,reversible double-sided car, classic coupe to hot rod, puzz3d by wrebbit, 751 pieces, difficult 09003 Reversible Car Wrebbit 99.99
cntower,puzz3d wrebbit cn tower, canadian landmark jigsaw puzzles, 3d puzles, 761pieces, 5 feet tall 3d puzz 04625 CN Tower Wrebbit 99.99
towtruck,tow truck jigsaw puzzle, 3d mini puzz3d, 82 pieces, 3dpuzzles, wrebbit, rare puzz mini MINI-131 Tow Truck Wrebbit 99.99
neuschwansteincastle3d,3d jigsaw puzzles of castles, neuschwanstein castle, jigsaw puzzles by wrebbitt, illuminated castle, P3D-817 Neuschwanstein Castle Wrebbit 99.99
snowwhiteshouse,snow white's house 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, disneyland dwards puzz3d rare P3D-152 Snow White's House Wrebbit 99.99
blue-marble-earth-globe-12-inch-with-stand,3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle of earthglobe 9 inch diameter with stand to turn globe PG1022-12 Blue Marble Earth Globe 12" with Stand Unicorn 99.99
theoldmansion,1876 victorian mansion in montreal, puzz3d by wrebbit, old mansion, montreal architecture P3D-7007 The Old Mansion Wrebbit 79.99
human-body-3d,the human body, assemble a 3d skeleton and the organs of the body, clementoni 611720 The Human Body Clementoni 69.99
burj-khalifa,burj khalifa 3d puzzle cubicfun, U.A.E. dubai landmark skyscraper jigsaw puzzles, 3d puzles, 136 pie MC133H Burj Khalifa 3D Puzzle 69.99
london-bridge,london bridge 3d matchstick jigsaw puzzle by matchitecture, puzzle of londonbridge MATCH6631 London Bridge Matchitecture 69.99
metallic-earth-puzzleball,3d metallic jigsaw puzzle ball of the planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable ball 111931 The Earth (Metallic) Ravensburger 69.99
discover-the-world-earth-puzzleball-display-stand,3d earth jigsaw puzzle ball of the planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable ball 111336 Discover the World Ravensburger 69.99
earth-3dpuzzle-display-stand,3d earth jigsaw puzzle ball of the planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable ball 124275 The Earth & Display Stand Ravensburger 69.99
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