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Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale at HobbyWonder

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Image Product ID Title Manufacturer Price
ancient-world-map-stand,3d jigsaw puzzle ball of the ancient world globe planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece colle 124282 Ancient World Map & Display Stand Ravensburger 69.99
goldenhall,golden hall 3d puzzle, lord of the rings jigsaw puzzles 742 pieces, wrebbitt puzzles 04622 Golden Hall, Edoras Wrebbit 69.99
white-house-in-display-case,white house 3d puzzle, home of the president of the united states jigsaw puzzle of the federal build CFDIS60H White House in Display Case 3D Puzzle 59.99
earth-puzzleball-display-stand,3d earth jigsaw puzzle ball of the planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable ball 111183 The Earth and Display Stand Ravensburger 59.99
mappe-du-monde-3d,3d earth jigsaw puzzle ball of the planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable ball 111367 La Mappe du Monde en Francais Ravensburger 59.99
blue-marble-earth-globe3d-puzzle-12-inch,blue marble earthglobe sferical self-support structure model replaica earth builder spec A1022-12 Blue Marble Earth Globe 12" Unicorn 59.99
dinosaurs-puzzleball-ravensburger,dinosaurs jigsaw puzzleball of the planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collection 122066 Dinosaurs Ravensburger 49.99
titanic-rms-3d,titanic royal mail steamship 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare collector's puzzles by cubic fun 3d puzzle MC4011 Titanic R.M.S. Large 3D Puzzle 49.99
eiffeltowermatchstick,eiffeltower match stick 3d jigsawpuzzle matchitecture bjtoys microbeams glue tweezers included MATCH6611 Eiffel Tower Matchitecture 49.99
antique-car-matchstick-puzzle,3d jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks antqiue car 3 dimensional antiquecar model puzzle 1150 pieces MATCH6616 Antique Car Matchitecture 49.99
fireengine,3d jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks fire engine 3 dimensional fireengine model puzzle 1500 pieces MATCH6615 Fire Engine Matchitecture 49.99
wat-phra-kaew-booklet,wat phra kaew buddhist temple 3d jigsaw puzzle by cubicfun, puzz3d dimensions 152 pieces CFMC124H Wat Phra Kaew with Book 3D Puzzle 49.99
parliament-buildings-canada,parliament buildings of canada 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle, ottawa, ontario, canadian landmark jigsa MC144H Parliament Buildings of Canada 3D Puzzle 49.99
montrealcityhall,3d jigsaw puzzle of montreal's city hall, puzz3d by wrebbit P3D-501 Montreal City Hall Wrebbit 49.99
st-basils-cathedral-3d-with-book,saint basils cathedral in russia 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, puzz3d dimensions 173 pieces CFMC093H St. Basil's Cathedral with Book 3D Puzzle 49.99
worlds-endangered-species-ravensburger-3d-globe,3d childrens earth extra large jigsaw puzzleball of the planet earth showing the endangered species 123322 World's Endangered Species Ravensburger 49.99
goldrushtrain,goldrush train resulted in construction of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1861, first TransAmerican MATCH6613 Gold Rush Train Matchitecture 49.99
princess-castle,princess castle modello puzzle, color and build your own princess casrle 055943 Princess Castle Modello 49.99
bigrig,Truck Trailer 3d puzzle replica made of matchsticks by matchitecture 2000 matches with special cutte MATCH6622 Big Rig Matchitecture 49.99
empire-state-building-night-3d,empire state building night edition 3d jigsaw puzzle by ravensburger, 216 pieces, ages 12-99 125661 Empire State Building, Night Edition Ravensburger 49.99
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