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Puzzles by total pieces

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2D - 1000 pieces
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2D - Over 10,000 pieces

Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale at HobbyWonder

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Image Product ID Title Manufacturer Price
chevybelair1957,3d vehicle puzzle, chevy bel air 1957 jigsaw puzzle by wrebitt, classic cars puzzles, 300 pieces, ex 04671 Chevy Bel Air 1957 Wrebbit 49.99
williamsfw22,williams fw22 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare formula 1 puzz3d P3D-922 Williams FW22 Wrebbit 49.99
titanic-rms,titanic royal mail steamship 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare collector's puzzles by cubic fun 3d puzzles MC4012 Titanic R.M.S. 3D Puzzle 49.99
jukebox3d,3d puzzle jukebox, rock-ola bubbler puzz3d, wrebbit rare puzzles P3D-7011 Jukebox Wrebbit 49.99
spongebob-squarepants-puzz3d,spongebob squarepants 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit nickelodeon, panel puzzle puzz3d rare 55533 Spongebob Squarepants Wrebbit 49.99
bigben,big ben 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3diemnsional jigsaw puzzle, 373 pieces, 27inches high, puzz3d by wrebb 04642 Big Ben Wrebbit 49.99
orthanctower,3d jigsaw puzzle of orthanc tower from lord of the rings, lotr the two towers, wrebbit jigsaw puzzle 04621 Orthanc Tower, Isengard Wrebbit 49.99
eiffeltowermini,mini 3d puzzle of eiffel tower, rare jigsaw puzz, wrebbit mini puzzle MINI-102 Eiffel Tower Wrebbit 49.99
mississippiboat,mississippi steamboat 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks for serious builders great gif MATCH6630 Mississippi Boat Matchitecture 49.99
mercedesbenz,3d creations puzzle of mercedes benz, cardboard 3d puzzle, wrebbit puzz CBC-203 Mercedes Benz Wrebbit 49.99
worldglobe,3d jigsaw puzzle by buffalo, world globe, spherical jigsaw puzzle 00151 World Globe Buffalo 49.99
fordmodelt,a jigsaw puzzle of the classic ford model-t, first automobile 3d jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit 3d puzz MINI-122 Ford Model-T Wrebbit 49.99
antiquenauticalmapglobe9,3d jogsaw puzzle antique nauticalmap 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable A1151-9 Antique Nautical Map Globe 9" Unicorn 49.99
aroundtheworldglobe9,unicorn toys presents a spherical 3d jigsawpuzzle titled aroundtheworld 9 inch selfsupporting struct A1190-9 Around the World Globe 9" Unicorn 49.99
bluemarbleearthglobe9,blue marble earthglobe sferical self-support structure model replaica earth builder special A1022-9 Blue Marble Earth Globe 9" Unicorn 49.99
3d-globe-shape-jigsaw-puzzle-ocean-world,jigsaw puzzle three dimensional cardboard 500 pieces globe shaped ocean world round jigsaw puzzle un A1092-9 Ocean World Unicorn 49.99
bluemarbleearthglobe9withstand,3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle of earthglobe 9 inch diameter with stand to turn globe PG1022-9 Blue Marble Earth Globe 9" with Stand Unicorn 49.99
titanicmini3dpuzzle,jigsaw puzzle manufactured by wrebbit depicting the famous vessel titanic, easy 56 pieces MINI-118 Titanic Wrebbit 49.99
white-house-led,white house 3d puzzle with led lights, home of the president of the united states jigsaw puzzle of t CFL504H White House LED 3D Puzzle 49.99
leaningtowerofpisa,tower of pisa, mini puzzle, puzz-3d, tour de pise, 64 pieces, rare puzzle wrebbit MINI-108 Leaning Tower of Pisa Wrebbit 49.99
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