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2D - Over 10,000 pieces

Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale at HobbyWonder

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Image Product ID Title Manufacturer Price
windmill-ravensburger-3d,3d jigsaw puzzle of a windmill by ravensburger 3D wrebbit is dead and ravens is taking over where th 125631 Windmill Ravensburger 39.99
big-ben-tula-moon,big ben 3d puzzle by tula moon made by ravensburger, 3diemnsional jigsaw puzzle, 216 pieces, 16inche 125692 Big Ben by Tula Moon Ravensburger 39.99
eiffel-tower-tula-moon,eiffel tower 3d jigsaw puzzle by ravensburger, 216 pieces, tula moon 125678 Eiffel Tower by Tula Moon Ravensburger 39.99
lighthouse-3d-216-pieces,3d jigsaw puzzle of a lighthouse by ravensburger 3D wrebbit is dead and ravens is taking over where 125654 Lighthouse Ravensburger 39.99
zodiac-puzzleball-ravensburger,zodiac globe jigsaw puzzleball of the zodiac 6 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable b 123872 Zodiac Ravensburger 39.99
windmill,windmill replica 3d model match stick jigsawpuzzle made of matches cut to size with full kit & instr MATCH6621 Windmill Matchitecture 39.99
big-ben-led,big ben 3d puzzle, united kingdom jigsaw puzzle of bigben clock and tower CFL501H Big Ben LED 3D Puzzle 39.99
snowmobileskidoo,3d puzzle manufactured by wrebbit, snowmobile skidoo, 293 pieces puzzles p3d-409 P3D-409 Snowmobile Ski-Doo Wrebbit 39.99
lady-jane-3d,3d jigsaw puzzle of lady jane from the mansion collection, wrebbit jigsaw puzzle 3d W3D-1004 Lady Jane Wrebbit 39.99
lady-victoria-3d,3d jigsaw puzzle of lady victoria from the mansion collection, wrebbit jigsaw puzzle 3d W3D-1003 Lady Victoria Wrebbit 39.99
rescue-helicopter-matchstick-puzzle,rescue helicopter three dimensional jigsaw puzzle replica matchstick puzzle matchitecture bojeux MATCH6646 Rescue Helicopter Matchitecture 39.99
japanese-bridge-matchstick-puzzle,japanese bridge 3d matchstick jigsaw puzzle by matchitecture, puzzle of japanbridge MATCH6642 Japanese Bridge Matchitecture 39.99
mechanical-digger-matchstick-puzzle,mechanical digger three dimensional jigsaw puzzle replica matchstick puzzle matchitecture bojeux MATCH6641 Mechanical Digger Matchitecture 39.99
bulldozer-matchstick-puzzle,bulldozer three dimensional jigsaw puzzle replica matchstick puzzle matchitecture bojeux MATCH6640 Bulldozer Matchitecture 39.99
3d-puzzle-peking-opera-painted-faces,Peking Opera Painted Faces 3dpuzzle globe shaped unicorn not wrebbit puzz 3d cardboard not foam glob A1108-9 Peking Opera Painted Faces Unicorn 39.99
3d-puzzle-times-square-showcase-puzzle,supertek 3d puzzle times square showcase puzzel over 500 pieces glows in the dark new york timessqua 01999 Times Square Showcase Puzzle Supertek 39.99
tweety,tweety looney tunes jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit puzz3d, mini puzzle rare MINI-504 Tweety Wrebbit 39.99
carnival-cruise-ship-3d,carnival cruise ship 3d puzzle museum quality sturdy construction puzz3d easy to assemble ages 5 and CF207H Carnival Cruise Ship 3D Puzzle 39.99
bigben-parliament,big ben and parliament 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3diemnsional jigsaw puzzle, 890 pieces, 28.75inches hig W3D-2002 Big Ben and Parliament Wrebbit 39.99
childrens-world-map-puzzleball-ravensburger,3d skylines jigsaw puzzleball of the planet earth 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectable ball 122127 Children's World Map Ravensburger 29.99
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