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Puzzles by total pieces

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2D - 1000 pieces
2D - 1001 to 2000 pieces
2D - 2000 to 5,000 pieces
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2D - Over 10,000 pieces

Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale at HobbyWonder

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Image Product ID Title Manufacturer Price
statue-of-liberty,Statue of Liberty 3d Puzz by Daron, statueofliberty libertystatue symbol of freedom gift CF080H Statue of Liberty 3D Puzzle 19.99
sylvester,looney tunes characters jigsaw puzzle, 3d puzzle of sylvester, rare puzzle looney tunes MINI-506 Sylvester Wrebbit 19.99
lincoln-memorial,lincoln memorial 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, puzz3d dimensions CF104H Lincoln Memorial 3D Puzzle 19.99
stealth-fighter-f117a-mini-puzzle,stealth fighter f117a 3d wrebbit mini puzzle,puzz3d, jigsaw puzz stealthfighter MINI-124 Stealth Fighter F117A Wrebbit 19.99
holland-windmill-3d,3d jigsaw puzzle, Holland Windmill, museum quality jigsaw puzzle, daron puzzle company, puzz3d C089H Holland Windmill 3D Puzzle 19.99
cn-tower-3d,puzz3d wrebbit cn tower, canadian landmark jigsaw puzzles, 3d puzles, 48 pieces 3d puzzle MC109H CN Tower 3D Puzzle 19.99
maya-pyramid-3d,mayan pyramid 3d jigsaw puzzle by cubicfun, puzz3d dimensions C073H Maya Pyramid 3D Puzzle 19.99
willis-tower-sears,3d puzzle, willis tower formerly known as sears tower, 51 pieces, willistower 3d puzzle, small easy CF083H Willis Tower (A.K.A Sears Tower) 3D Puzzle 19.99
bigbenmini3d,big ben rare mini puzzle, wrebbit, puzz3d big ben clock MINI-201 Big Ben Wrebbit 19.99
3d-puzzle-stars-of-the-zodiac-globe-shaped-puzzel,3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle by unicorn depicting stars of the zodiac on a roung globe shaped ball A1384-9 Stars of the Zodiac Unicorn 19.99
empire-statebuilding,3d jigsaw puzzle, empire state building, museum quality jigsaw puzzle, daron puzzle company, puzz3d, CF048H Empire State Building 3D Puzzle 19.99
independence-hall,Independence Hall 3d Puzz by Daron, independencehall symbol of freedom gift 3d CF085H Independence Hall 3D Puzzle 19.99
white-house,white house 3d puzzle, home of the president of the united states jigsaw puzzle of the federal build CF060H White House 3D Puzzle 19.99
coveredbridge,covered bridge, mini 3dpuzz, 66 pieces, jigsaw puzzles MINI-114 Covered Bridge Wrebbit 19.99
military-helicopters,jigsaw puzzle of military helicopters by daron, puzz3d mini puzzle 66 pieces CF025H Military Helicopters 3D Puzzle 19.99
mayantemple,mini 3d puzzle, mayan temple, rare mini puzz3d puzzle, wrebbit MINI-126 Mayan Temple Wrebbit 19.99
firetruck,a mini 3d jigsaw puzzle, fire truck, firemen, fire department puzzle, wrebbit MINI-120 Fire Truck Wrebbit 19.99
tractortrailer,tractor trailer jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit mini puzz3d, 69 pieces MINI-136 Tractor Trailer Wrebbit 19.99
chrysler-building-3d,chrysler building 3d jigsaw puzzle by Daron, jigsaw puzzle featuring tall building, 2 feet tall CF075H Chrysler Building 3D Puzzle 19.99
jeep4x4,jeep 4x4 mini puzzle, wrebbit puzz3d jigsaw, flame jeep MINI-135 Jeep 4x4 Wrebbit 19.99
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