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Puzzles by total pieces

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3D - 500 to 1000 pieces
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2D - 1000 pieces
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2D - 2000 to 5,000 pieces
2D - 5,000 to 10,000 pieces
2D - Over 10,000 pieces

Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale at HobbyWonder

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Image Product ID Title Manufacturer Price
apollo11,3d puzzle of apollo 11, space shuttle wrebbit puzz3d, 336 pieces P3D-7012 Apollo 11 Wrebbit 199.99
goldencarousel,golden carousel rare jigsaw puzzle, 3d wrebbit puzz3d, P3D-7016 Golden Carousel Wrebbit 199.99
tutankhamenstomb,tutankhamen's tomb rare 3d puzzle, jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, sarcophagus P3D-7017 Tutankhamen's Tomb Wrebbit 199.99
theviolin,violin 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit violin P3D-7501 The Violin Wrebbit 199.99
williamsfw21,williams fw21 3d jigsaw puzzle, formula 1 rare foam puzzle model P3D-919 Williams FW21 Wrebbit 199.99
hobbiton,hobbiton, lord of the rings jigsaw puzzles, shire of the hobbits puzzle 04623 Hobbiton Wrebbit 199.99
londonbus,double-decker london bus 3d puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzz3d P3D-NA7 London Bus Wrebbit 199.99
cirquedusoleil,cirque du soleil puzz3d, manufactured by wrebbit, circus 3d jigsaw puzzle P3D-682 Cirque Du Soleil Wrebbit 199.99
titanic,titanic jigsaw puzzle, rare collector's puzzles by wrebbit, discontinued titanic puzz3d P3D-7010 Titanic Wrebbit 199.99
cinderellascastle,wrebbit 3d puzzles cinderella's castle, rare disney puzzle, three-dimensional 3d jigsaw puzzles disn 04311 Cinderella's Castle Wrebbit 199.99
3d-puzzle-commerzbank-tower-messeturm,glow in the dark 3d jigsaw puzzle wrebbit skyscraper tower series glow in the dark set includes 2 bu 01461 Commerzbank Tower & Messeturm Wrebbit 199.99
medievalclock,medieval clock jigsaw puzzle, 421 pieces, wrebbitt's 3d creations, rare puzzle CBC-201 Medieval Clock Wrebbit 199.99
whitehouse,white house puzz3d, wrebbit jigsaw puzzle of the federal building, washington dc P3D-7004 White House Wrebbit 199.99
bankofchinaglowinthedark,puzz3d bank of china, wrebbit three-dimensional puzzles, central plaza jigsaw puzzle, 3d puzz, wrebi 04652 Bank of China (Glow in the Dark) Wrebbit 199.99
mysteryofthepyramid,mystery of the pyramid jigsaw puzzle, 3d puzzle shaped like a pyramid 00201 Mystery of the Pyramid Buffalo 199.99
starwarsanakinsjedistarfighter,stars wars 3d puzzle, anakin skywalker's jedi starfighter jigsaw 3d puzzle by wrebitt, starwarspuzzl 04631 Star Wars Anakin's Jedi Starfighter Wrebbit 199.99
cinderellascastle3d,Puzz3d wrebbit jigsaw puzzle cinderella's castle, rare puzzles P3D-2001 Cinderella's Castle Wrebbit 199.99
3d-puzzle-magic-castle-the,magic castle 3d puzzle supertek chateau magique glow in the dark 530 pieces for all ages towers draw 011344 Magic Castle, The Supertek 199.99
piratesofthecaribbean,wrebbitt puzzles, pirates of the caribean jigsaw puzzles by wrebitt, rare puzzles, vehicle boat puzz 52482 Pirates of the Caribbean - Black Pearl Wrebbit 199.99
reichstagberlin,reichstag berlin building 3d puzzle by wrebbit puzz3d jigsaw puzzle rare P3D-NA11 Reichstag, Berlin Wrebbit 199.99
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