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Looky Studio - Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle

Looky Studio! Fashion Studio That Allows You To Create Your Own Fashion Without Limits. Made by Rave looky-studio-fashion

Title:    Looky Studio
Pieces: 0
Manufacturer: Ravensburger

Description du produit: Un studio de styliste de mode pour créer ses modèles sans limites !
Un nouveau Looky Studio qui permet toujours à l'enfant de dessiner et d'imaginer ses modèles sans limites, mais avec encore plus de fiabilité et dans un univers de studio graphique très proche de celui d'une styliste de mode.
Le jeu est toujours basé sur la même technique simple et efficace qui consiste à décalquer une tenue de mode sur un modèle. L'enfant choisit son calque et superpose la silhouette d'un mannequin sur la table lumineuse pour pouvoir la décalquer. À l'aide de la nouvelle table lumineuse, l'enfant peut positionner sa silhouette et essayer les différents modèles, les combiner, jusqu'à trouver, selon son humeur et sa sensibilité, l'association qui lui plaît le plus !
Hyper pratique, le studio Looky lui permet d'organiser son travail en accrochant ses calques, en disposant son nuancier de couleur. Super fiable : grâce aux 4 pôles lumineux, l'éclairage est plus diffus ! De plus: la nouvelle pince permet de solidariser le calque et la silhouette.

Contenu du produit: 1 table lumineuse, 1 grand panneau-paravent, 14 calques avec plusieurs motifs à reproduire, 20 feuilles de silhouettes à looker, 1 feutre noir fin, 1 planche de stickers pour habiller le studio graphique, 1 notice en couleurs avec plein d'astuces.

Age minimum: 6 ans

Dimensions du produit: 35x49x10 cm

Ravensburger History

Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH is a German game company and market leader in the European jigsaw puzzle market.

The company was founded by Otto Robert Maier with seat in Ravensburg, a town in Upper Swabia in southern Germany. He began publishing in 1883 with his first author contract. He started publishing instruction folders for craftsmen and architects, which soon acquired him a solid financial basis. His first board game appeared in 1884, named "Journey around the world".

At the turn of the 20th century, his product line broadened to include picture books, books, children’s activity books, Art Instruction manuals, non-fiction books, and reference books as well as children’s games, Happy Families and activity kits. In 1900, the Ravensburger blue triangle trademark was registered with the Imperial Patent office. As of 1912, many board and activity games had an export version that was distributed to Western Europe, the countries of the Danube Monarchy as well as Russia.

Before the First World War, Ravensburger had around 800 products. The publishing house was damaged during the Second World War and continued to produce games in the years of the reconstruction. The company focused on children's games and books and specialized books for art, architecture and hobbies, and from 1962 grew strongly. The company started to produce jigsaw puzzle games in 1964, and in the same year opened subsidiaries in Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In 1977 the company split into a book publishing arm and a game publishing arm.

Today there are approximately 1,800 available books and 850 games as well as puzzles, hobby products and CD-ROM titles at Ravensburger and its subsidiaries, which include Alea for "hobby and ardent game players" and FX Schmid for games and children's books. Ravensburger products are exported to more than fifty countries.

In September 2010, Ravensburger broke Educa's record for the world's largest jigsaw puzzle of 24,000 pieces. Ravensburger's new puzzle design by late pop artist Keith Haring titled, 'Keith Haring: Double Retrospect' breaks the Guinness Book of World Records measuring 17' × 6' built from 32,256 pieces and comes with its own dolly cart for toting.

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