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Here is a list of Educa jigsaw puzzles available for sale

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Image Product IDTitle Number of PiecesPrice
A Bar at the Folies painted by Bergeres, Manet Educa made in Spain 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle EDUCA13440 A Bar at the Folies-Bergères 1000 49.99
Kerne Erickson Artist Along the Malibu educa puzzle # 12754 worlds smallest puzzle EDUCA12754 Along the Malibu (Miniature) 1000 49.99
18000 pieces st columba altarpiece, educa jigsaw puzzle, large puzzle EDU12048 Altarpiece of St. Columba 18000 199.99
Angels with flowers painted by Carlo Maratta Educa made in Spain 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle EDUCA7372 Angels With Garland of Flowers 1500 39.99
educa jigsaw puzzle of balcony in ponza, 5000 pieces EDU12022 Balcony In Ponza 5000 99.99
Basilica del Pilar  in Saragossa Spain. Educa Puzzles Neon Series with phosphorescence to make the p EDUCA10115 Basilica del Pilar, Saragossa, Spain(Glow in Dark) 1000 39.99
Calma Total photographed by Peter Adams Educa made in Spain 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle EDUCA13042 Calm (Panorama) 1000 49.99
carnationa lily rose Artist j.s. sargent educa puzzle # 7371 square puzzle series EDUCA7371 Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 1000 39.99
Charmer of Stars painted by Sally J. Smith Educa made in Spain 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle EDUCA7306 Charmer of Stars 1000 39.99
Collage painted by E.B. Leighton 6000 piece jigsaw puzzle made by Educa in Spain EDUCA13040 Collage, E.B. Leighton 6000 99.99
cornelius' art studio, jigsaw puzzle by educa, 5000 pieces puzz, painting, EDU11765 Cornelius' Art Studio 5000 99.99
daft football jigsaw puzzle by educa, soccer puzzle, difficult puzz, buffalo EDU10607 Daft Football 2000 29.99
Dance Foyer at the Opera on the Rue la Peletier by Edgar Degas educa 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle EDUCA13442 Dance Foyer at the Opera on the Rue la Peletier 1000 39.99
Dance of Apollo with the Muses painted by Giulio Romano Educa made in Spain 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle EDUCA13043 Dance of Apollo with the Muses (Panorama) 1000 29.99
Dance of the Villagers painted by Rubens Educa made in Spain 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle EDUCA7676 Dance of the Villagers 1000 29.99
Eldey Island Iceland photographed by Yann Arthus Bertrand UNESCO Biosphere Series Educa 1000 made in EDUCA10109 Eldey Island, Iceland 1000 29.99
feast of the gods jigsaw puzzle, hendrik van balen, 5000 pieces, painting educa puzzles EDU11262 Feast of the Gods 5000 99.99
Gaudi Park Guell in Barcelona Spain educa puzzle # 11916 worlds smallest puzzle series EDUCA11916 Gaudi Park Guell (Miniature) 1000 29.99
two 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles in one box painted by Leonardo da Vinci Educa made in Spain 1000 piece EDUCA13297 Gioconda-Vitruvius Man 2000 49.99
guernica puzzle painting by picasso, educa puzz picasso painting EDU11502 Guernica 3000 99.99
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