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Number of Pieces

3D - 500 Pieces and Under
3D - 500 to 1000 pieces
3D - Over 1000 pieces

2D - Under 1000 pieces
2D - 1000 pieces
2D - 1001 to 2000 pieces
2D - 2000 to 5,000 pieces
2D - 5,000 to 10,000 pieces
2D - Over 10,000 pieces

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Flat 2D Arts & Paintings
Flat 2D Castles
Flat 2D Churches
Flat 2D Cities
Flat 2D Clocks
Flat 2D Disney
Flat 2D Globes & Maps
Flat 2D Harley Davidson
Flat 2D Lord of the Rings
Flat 2D Monuments
Flat 2D Music
Flat 2D Nature Scenes
Flat 2D People & Celebrities
Flat 2D Places
Flat 2D Skyscrapers
Flat 2D Sports
Flat 2D Star Wars
Flat 2D Street Scenes
Flat 2D Thomas Kinkade
Flat 2D Vehicles

Glow in the Dark
Mini (Less than 100 pieces)
Border is shape of the image

Here is a list of 3D jigsaw puzzles between 500 and 1000 pieces available for sale

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Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
empire state building 3d puzzle, empirestatebuilding puzz3d skyscraper puzzles, wrebit maker 3d jig W3D-2007 Empire State Building 975 49.99
3d puzzle of st.peter basilica rome, vatican jigsaw puzzles, wrebbit puzz3d, 966 pieces, large puzzl 04545 St. Peter's Basilica - Vatican, Rome 966 299.99
blue marble earthglobe sferical self-support structure model replaica earth builder spec A1022-12 Blue Marble Earth Globe 12" 960 59.99
3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle of earthglobe 9 inch diameter with stand to turn globe PG1022-12 Blue Marble Earth Globe 12" with Stand 960 99.99
alsace 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare wrebbit puzz3d, alsace france P3D-806 Alsace 959 299.99
notre dame cathedral jigsaw puzzle, rare wrebbit puzz3d quasimodo P3D-810 Notre Dame Cathedral 952 199.99
Statue of Liberty 3d Puzz by Wrebbit, statueofliberty libertystatue symbol of freedom gift P3D-NA2 Statue of Liberty 950 199.99
taj mahal 950 piece 3d puzzle, tajmahal wrebbit rare 3d jigsaw puzzle, very rare W3D-2001 Taj Mahal 950 49.99
petronas towers jigsaw puzzle, 912 pieces difficult jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit puzz3d, 04626 Petronas Towers (Glow in the Dark) 912 199.99
empire state building 3d puzzle, empirestatebuilding puzz3d skyscraper puzzles, wrebitt maker 3d jig P3D-902 Empire State Building 902 199.99
big ben and parliament 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3diemnsional jigsaw puzzle, 890 pieces, 28.75inches hig W3D-2002 Big Ben and Parliament 890 39.99
3d jigsaw puzzles of castles, neuschwanstein castle, jigsaw puzzles by wrebbitt puzz3d W3D-2005 Neuschwanstein Castle 890 49.99
la riviera 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare puzz3d by wrebbit P3D-805 La Riviera 880 199.99
millenium falcon 3d puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzzle star wars P3D-811 Millenium Falcon 857 199.99
3d jigsaw puzzles of castles, neuschwanstein castle, jigsaw puzzles by wrebbitt, illuminated castle, P3D-817 Neuschwanstein Castle 836 99.99
neuschwanstein castle 3d puzzle by wrebbit, fully illuminated 3d jigsaw puzzles,  puzz3d 834 pieces, P3D-817L Neuschwanstein Castle with Lights 834 199.99
imperial star destroyer 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare star wars puzz3d P3D-909 Imperial Star Destroyer 823 199.99
london tower bridge 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzzle of bridge P3D-911 London Tower Bridge 819 299.99
minas tirith 3d jigsaw puzzle, lord of the rings collection by wrebbitt, 707 pieces difficult puzzle W3D-2004 Citadel of Minas Tirith 819 49.99
eiffel tower 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare foam puzzle, 816 pieces W3D-2009 Eiffel Tower 816 49.99
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