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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is HobbyWonder? is owned and operated by "WonderClub Enterprises". We are an online retailer who have been selling many collectible products such as rare magazines, jigsaw puzzles, toys, coins, and stamps since 1998.

2. What can I do when a particular "item" can't be found on your site?

We rely heavily on our customer feedback when creating HobbyWonder, so if you've searched our Website and you still haven't found what you are looking for, please let us know about it here, or call us in Canada at (514) 694-0060

3. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding one of my purchases?
You can always contact us here by e-mail or you can call us at (514) 694-0060.
4. How do I find your privacy policy.?
Click here to read our privacy policy.

5. What is your refund policy?
We do not offer returns nor refunds. However, if your item has been damaged in the mail we will refund based on USPS's default insurance of $50 and Canada Post's default insurance of $100. If you require more insurance please call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226.

6. How do I suggest other products which aren't featured on your site?
Simple. Just visit our feedback page and provide us with any info which you may deem helpful to the growth of our site. We have found many of our products through customer feedback and encourage everyone to offer their suggestions in order to improve the site for everyone's benefit.
7. How do you deliver your products?
If you are located in Canada we only ship using Canada Post, we do not use any other carriers.
If you are located in the United States we only ship using USPS, we do not use any other carries.
Customers that are not located in the USA or Canada are considered international customers. If you are located internationally we ship using Canada Post, unless the item weighs more than 4 kg, then we use USPS because they are less expensive. We don't use any other carriers. Our online payment provider does not calculate international shipping fees. International orders are subject to higher shipping fees as indicated here.

8. In what currency are your items priced?
Although we are located in Canada, 90% of our customers are based in the USA, therefore we list all of our products in US dollars. Beside every product, we mark the price as follows: USD$XX.XX. This indicates the currency in US dollars.

9. Do you take orders by telephone?
Telephone orders are welcomed. You can call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover by telephone. All prices are in US dollars.

Any other questions? Visit our Feedback page or call us in Canada at (514) 694-0060.

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