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CD Computer Jigsaw Puzzle - SBG Jigsaw Puzzle

cd computerpuzzle jigsaw uluru australia bridalveil falls stonehenge twelveapostles falltranquility clickcdthecomputerjigsawpuzzleseries1

Title:    CD Computer Jigsaw Puzzle
Artist:  Ken Duncan
Pieces: 175
Manufacturer: SBG

This CD contains 6 digital jigsaw puzzles in 3 sizes - 40, 126, and 175 pieces.
It includes 6 Ken Duncan panographs including:
1) Majestic Uluru Australia 2) Bridal Veil Falls USA 3) Stonehenge UK 4) Twelve Apostles Australia 5) Fall Tranquility USA 6) Eilean Donan Castle UK.

This CD works on Windows 95/NT4 or greater with 32MB of RAM and a 166MHz Intel Pentium Procesor or higher.
This CD also works on Macintosh with MAC OS8.1 or greater (requires Classic environment).

The artist, Ken Duncan has been interested in photography since his early teens when he rendered himself temporarily unpopular by dismantling his father's Bellows camera to make a black and whiteenlarger. He entered the photographic world after leaving school and progressed to become asenior technical representative for Australia's leading photographic supply house. His turning pointcame when this company imported the 'Widelux' camera. On testing the camera's capabilities he realised he had found a vehicle which could translate onto film exactly what he could see in alandscape.Taking photographs had become a passion, and in 1982 Ken left Sydney to realise his dream of producing a quality book of Australian images. Little did he know that the dream would cost him his house, cars and everything else he had - and take five years to complete.During his travels around Australia, Ken has collected over 80,000 selected images in panoramic format. Unequalled in depth, the library has been hailed as the best collection of Australian landscapes ever seen. Ken sought out places not previously photographed in order to provide afeeling of the real Australia and our pioneer spirit which exists beyond the coastal fringes.In the course of his journey, Ken endured many hardships in order to realise his dream, includingtaking a fall from Kata Tjuta in the Northern Territory which resulted in damage to his left big toecausing gangrene and the eventual amputation of that toe. The freezing damp of western Tasmania brought about hypothermia causing severe damage to his nervous system from which Ken took many months to recover.In a feature article on Ken and his work, Australian Professional Photography magazine describedhim as: "The photographer who is now undoubtedly Australia's (and possibly the world's) leading exponent of panoramic landscape photography (certainly the most successful) ..." But in his own words, Ken is simply ?an average photographer with a great God?. As a photographer, Ken sees himself as an interpreter of God's creation. The art is in seeing, capturing and presenting these images to others. The Vision Statement for the Ken Duncan Group of Companies is ?To show the beauty of God?s creation.? Ken's talent is now in great demand in advertising and photographic circles in Australia and overseas, although these days he only accepts selected assignments due to his hectic travelschedule. Ken has completed assignments for several American magazines including National Geographic and The New York Times, and continues to work on international projects in the United Kingdom and America. In late 1985, Ken was the only Australian chosen to join a team of 40 international photographerswho travelled to China for a project which resulted in the book, "CHINA THE LONG MARCH". In 1990 Ken was invited to participate in another international venture. Forty-six top class photographers from all over the world congregated in Malaysia to shoot a book called "MALAYSIA? HEART OF SOUTH EAST ASIA". Ken was chosen for this project because of his specialty inpanoramic landscapes.In May 1991 Ken was involved in the shoot for "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF HOLLYWOOD" byCollins Publishers U.S. This involved 76 international photographers, each world leaders in their respective fields, shooting the life and essence of Hollywood. Ken was the only Australian photographer invited to participate.An exciting coup for the Ken Duncan Group was the production of a video clip for the single, "One Country", by Australian rock band, ?Midnight Oil?. Ken only has time to accept occasional,selected commercial assignments, but he tackled this project as another work of art. A successfulmarriage of still images and moving footage, with a great sound track, it captures the essential spirit of our nation. It received rave reviews and was featured on current affairs programs in Australia as well as the usual music shows. Sony Music launched the clip internationally. Ken was always keen to diversify into the area of cinematography as another vehicle by whichto bring the raw beauty of this great land to the viewing public. He sees the move from stills to moving footage as a natural progression - his preoccupation with panoramic images will probably always accompany him. In 1998 this dream was realised in the first of a series of documentaries titled ?The Great South Land ? The Kimberley? (now available on video). When screened on Australian National television, the show won top ratings and was highly acclaimed by viewers.In 1998 Ken launched his sophisticated Website: which won many awards and provides a stunning paradise of spectacular panoramic landscape photography. Early in theYear 2000, a new branch of the site was created to enable fans to follow Ken?s travels around theworld ? to share in all the fun and adventure. Traffic to the web site is increasing constantly with millions of new hits being recorded each year. Now people all over the world have access toKen?s work and the fully functional E-commerce site is successfully selling a wide range ofproduct.Ken Duncan audio-visuals are high-tech tools designed for maximum audience impact. The presentations combine Ken Duncan's powerful images with specially selected musical arrangements by award winning song writers, resulting in highly emotive shows that take viewerson a journey carefully choreographed with the words of the songs. There are currently four showsavailable.The Light and God?s Own Country, set to original music by Andy Sorenson and Kathy Johnston,are beautifully produced pieces which depict the diversity, unity and spectacular beauty of theAustralian continent. Song for America, released just days before the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, is a stirring anthem of hope that celebrates the unique natural beauty of America. Reflections, set to a wistful, yet stirring instrumental piece, is an emotive, inspirational show that soothes the viewer with images of beauty and tranquility combined with thought-provoking quotes. The Power of The Passion, set to Michael W. Smith?s stirring song, ?Above All?, and depicting powerful and emotive images taken on the set of the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ, is an evocative encounter with the story of Christ.
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